How Are Items Shipped?

Items are most often shipped in a flat, square box (like a pizza box), and are shipped using USPS mail with delivery confirmation. We will ship items within 10-12 business days, but usually much sooner.

What's in the box?

Each kit comes with all the precut wood pieces you’ll need to complete the project, as well as a set of instructions. The kits are not shipped with any supplies or paints.

What if something is missing in my kit?

If something is missing in your kit, please contact us within 3 days of receiving your kit. We’ll make it right by shipping any missing pieces right away. We carefully check kits (and count pieces) before they ship, but if your kit arrives incomplete, we’ll send you what you need.

What supplies will I need to complete my kit?

Each kit may require a couple of unique supplies (such as ribbons to decorate it, or twine to hang it), but, generally, you’ll need a few supplies on hand:

  • paint in your desired colors. We like and use acrylic paint. Our wood pieces are sealed before we cut them, and sanded after, so you should have a smooth surface to paint on when you receive your kit.
  • a way to apply the paint. Makeup sponges work well for painting without streaks, or you can use a plain baby wipe to paint with. You can also use foam brushes or regular paint brushes if you don’t mind brushstrokes.
  • a safe surface to work on. Make sure your work area is protected and be sure to wipe up any spills right away. It can be helpful to have several layers of newspaper so that you can easily change to a fresh layer when needed.
  • a way to hang the piece (if needed). You can use twine or command strips or sawtooth hangers.
  • embellishments (as desired). You might want to personalize your kit with ribbons, fabric, bells, or glitter.
Do you offer a discount on bulk orders?

If you are looking to purchase 5 or more of the same kits at once (for, perhaps, a family paint night or a friends sip and paint), we are glad to discuss possible discounts for purchase. This applies only to the same kits all shipped to the same address at the same time. If you’d like more information on this option, contact us

Can I send you a picture of my finished kit?

Yes! We’d love to receive pictures of your completed kits and if you send them in, we’ll add them to our product images for the site. Be sure to include an image that has your name (or business name)!

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us